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Complaint form

E-commerce and its users have the same rights, obligations and guarantees as those that apply to purchases made in a traditional shop.

Therefore consumers have always been able to complain about online purchases, through the mechanisms provided by the company on the website and through customer service.

Guarantees for online products and/or services, the right of withdrawal and the seller’s responsibility in the event of any complaint by the consumer are legally regulated.

E-commerce has to provide the consumer with a range of information via the Internet: the characteristics of the goods or services, delivery charges, shipping, validity period of the offer, duration of the contract, terms and conditions, form of payment, extrajudicial dispute resolution system, means of communication for consumers in distance sales, customer service, etc.

In the case of provision of services or sales of goods over the Internet, access to complaint forms will be telematic, via the company’s website. When the complaint form has been filled in the consumer can print it and send it to the consumer office nearest his/her home to be processed.

The model complaint forms for the Region of Murcia are governed by Decree 3/2014, of 31 January, regulating the unified consumer and user complaints system in the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia, and are available in a completely standardised form on the website www.murciaconsumo.es.

You can also download the consumer and user complaint forms via this link and read further information on this other link.